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Current Project:
Industrial Maize Grinding Mill

We are currently partnering with a farming cooperative in Lamwo district to support their vision of an industrial-scale polished maize milling operation.  The maize mill has recently become operational, but still lacks critical storage space to enable processing large quantities of maize throughout the year.  Similar to the sunflower milling press, this project brings value-add processing to rural farmers.  Processing maize into a fine, shelf-stable flour for human consumption stabilizes cash prices around the year and bolsters food security in an area severely affected by climate change and the war in Ukraine.  We are co-developing a tenable business model based on the success and learnings from the sunflower press.  We need donors to help finance Phase 2 of this project!  If you are interested, please contact us or go to the "DONATE/Get Involved" page linked above.

Value-Add Processing

Stable Income for Rural Farmers

Stable Pricing for Consumers

Food Security

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Client Story: Awira Pasca

Awira Pasca is a farmer and part of the Nomoromo Farmers Cooperative Union.  She is married with 7 children.  Because it produces a finer quality product that is shelf-stable, the grinding mill gives her a better price for her maize than she would be able to get otherwise.  She appreciates the support and accountability of working with the NFCU cooperative, and uses the proceeds of her farming to send her children to school.  Without this income, she would not be able to send them all to school.    

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Client Story: Oketayot Thomas

Thomas is a 36 year old farmer inspired to work harder by his peers in the NFCU cooperative.  He appreciates learning from his elders about farming techniques and financial management.  The income he earns from the mill enables him to afford school fees, health care costs, balanced nutrition, clothing, and materials for expanding his home with 4 children.  His is grateful to our sponsors for giving his very rural community this opportunity.

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Client Story: Oteka Phillip

Phillip is the chairperson of the NFCU cooperative.  He is 62 years old and proud to be organizing his community for this opportunity.  His clan donated the land for the maize mill.  His is fully prepared to "sacrifice his effort to see that the operation should become successful."  He notes that this operation is completely one-of-a-kind in this area, with nothing similar to it for many kilometers around.  He is determined that the operation should have a grain storage facility, through a combination of earned income and donor support.  He is most thankful for the support of our donors.

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Current Projects: Projects
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