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About Us

Born During the War, Pursuing Peace over Decades

Peace Harvest was co-founded by two Americans who observed the utter destruction caused by the war in northern Uganda between the Lord's Rebellion Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government.  More than 25 years of war, widespread abduction of children for child soldering, and Internally Displaced Peoples' (IDP) camps led not only to to a terrible injustices for individuals but to a debilitated society. 

Todd asked refugees living in IDP camps what they needed in 2005, their answer was simple.  "We need peace, and we need oxen."  The need for peace was obvious.  People could not even live in their homes for fear of being killed or abducted by rebel soldiers.  As for oxen, cattle were the backbone of traditional Acholi economy.  They were useful for tilling the land, an important food source, and a currency for storing wealth.   But during the war, 99% of all livestock were destroyed.  This crippled the economy not only for a moment, but for decades.  Even now, 15 years later, livestocks have not yet returned to plentitude.

Todd met Louis while in Uganda, and the idea of Peace Harvest was born: help locals build lasting peace through cooperative agricultural development.  While most international non-profits left Uganda a few years after the war ended, we remain in service because rebuilding a society after such a brutal war does not take years; it takes decades.

Peace Harvest is a very small non-profit organization registered in Wisconsin, USA.  Our efforts are accordingly focused: we aim to support agricultural development efforts of locals in the Lamwo district of northern Uganda.  We have built decades-long partnerships with local cooperative groups and individuals.   We participate in projects envisioned by locals, for locals, and executed by locals.  We support a portion of the project costs, with the remainder being given by the participating farmers.  Apart from funding, we use our professional skills to provide manufacturing and food processing expertise, management consulting, business support, and connection to technically-oriented non-profits that are interested in serving many people but do not have bandwidth to manage hundreds of small projects across the globe.  

Peace Harvest is exceptionally cost-effective.  Our volunteer-only members in the USA donate their time to support in-country projects that involve dozens of committed participants working together.  We do not maintain a full-time staff in Uganda, but support projects ad-hoc.  Every single cent donated to Peace Harvest - 100% - goes directly to project costs in Uganda.  And, in terms of life-changing results, each dollar goes so much farther in Uganda.  A $50,000 USD project there can transform hundreds of lives.  We give practical hope to those living in extreme poverty.

Long-term relationships.

Proven experience.  

Exceptional return on investment.

Life-changing results.

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